Certification Exam Clarification regarding dispatcher and performer!

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First i tried to find an answer to my query from forum but failed.

My doubt is related to an practical exam exercise where it says" The solution has to be scalable, so create two separate projects (sub-processes):

  • One for the Dispatcher (add to queue);
  • Another one for the Performer (consume queue).
    should i create two different Reframework workflow one for Dispatcher and one for performer?
    If i create two reframework workflow then it will be two Processes.
    If i follow “Certification Exam Issue: Sucessfully uploaded the workflows but got all failed criterias
    Then it must be one reframework workflow, but how can i achieve this in one reframework workflow if transactionsitem data type should be queue item.


Hi @asifahamedsi1

Dispatcher need not be a ReFramework. It can be a sequence that extracts the data and pushes to the Orchestrator Queue as Transaction Item. You can do the following:

  1. Create a Sequence. That extracts the data from a target application and pushes to queue. (Dispatcher)
  2. Performer processes the transaction Items in the queue. (ReFramework)

Note: Dipatcher will be in the root of the Performer. Example:

  • Performer

    -Main.xaml (Performer)

Run Dispatcher.xaml to push to queue. Run Main.xaml to process the Queue Items

Noted… Thanks @SathishCodes for your quick reply.

So should i keep dispatcher in init state(first Run) so that whenever I start main file dispatcher will run and add to queue next performer will Processes the transactions item from queue.

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I don’t think it is a good approach. I usually follow these things,

  1. Run Dispatcher First and Then Performer Manually. (Twice)
  2. Make Dispatcher as Main (Right Click on Dispatcher.xaml and click Set As Main). Rename Main.xaml as Performer.xaml. Now Invoke Performer at the end of Dipatcher. So the Dispatcher invokes performer once all the Transaction items are pushed to queue. I hope this helps.

Thank you. Happy Automation. :smiley:

So if i make Dispatcher as a main file whenever i start process first it will run dispatcher then at the end of dispatcher i will invoke performer right?

So basically reframework template will start once performer is initiated…

Exactly! :smiley:

@SathishCodes Thank you for the clarifications

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Great!! Hope this helped you.

Good Morning @SathishCodes
I am trying your approach but how to read config file(ACME_URL and ACME_Credentials) in Dispatcher outside ReFramework.

You can make use of InitAllSettings workflow from the ReFramework. Create a Config Variable of Datatype Dictionary and Assign it there. So the Dispatcher Will look like the following Dispatcher:


  • InitAllSettings.xaml (Gives out config)
  • Login.xaml (Uses the Config Dictionary for assets)

Got It.

Thanks @SathishCodes :slight_smile:

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Anytime! :slight_smile: