in_TransactionItem which type in Process for GenerateYearlyReport


I have no idea on Which Type I have to use for the argument in_TransactionItem for Process.xaml and in Main in the invoke process.xaml
I Try with Queue Or String
but if I put string in main then i Can’t assign WIID= in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WIID”).ToString
with error convertion from string to Integer in the expression editor…

What can I do?




If you are using Orchestrator Queues then declare in_TransactionItem as UIpath.core.QueueItem else based on your TransacionData you have to declare corresponding transactionitem.

If TransacionData is dataTable then ** transactionItem** is of type DataRow.


In the GenerateYearlyReport assignment, the TransactionItem/in_TransactionItem takes the form of both a string and a queueItem. It really depends if you are working in the dispatcher or performer.

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Thanks Iakshman

You mean that in Process In_transactionItem is Queue Type ?
and transactionItem in Process Transaction is DataRow Type?

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Not only in Process.xaml. The type should be declared same in the entire process. Hope it is performer.

Thanks nlee1131
So i Have to have dispatcher.xaml and performer.xaml???

The dispatcher and performer will take the form of 2 separate REFramework projects.
The dispatcher is responsible for getting the data an putting it in an Orchestrator queue.
The performer is responsible for getting the data from the queue and updating each work item.

so Is my structure Ok?


I created two projects.
The Dispatcher project:

The Performer project:

Each one is an individual instance of the Robotic Enterprise Framework.

*Note that the TransactionItem in the Dispatcher is type string, while in the Performer it is type queueItem.

Thanks nlee1131
It is more comprehensive now

I will perform this structure

SO the main.xaml is the same in both Projects?
and process.xaml?

In main.xaml in process transaction when Invoke Process workflow
what is the type of in_transactionItem ?

Are you working on the dispatcher or performer?

I m working on both of them
dispatcher is finish but I can’t publishing it because of a 404 error

What’s the URL that’s giving you a 404?

“Error: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Resource Not Found).
at System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.EnsureSuccessStatusCode()
at NuGet.Protocol.Core.Types.PackageUpdateResource.<>c.b__18_0(HttpResponseMessage response)
at NuGet.Protocol.HttpSource.d__18`1.MoveNext()”’

I m using

So are you getting this error when publishing the project with:

Or are you trying to run the project from Orchestrator and it’s giving you that error?

Yes when I click on “Publish”

Could you post a screenshot of your ‘Publish Project’ window?