Level 3, assignment 2 evaluation frustration

@ovi @UiPath Is there something that can show what’s wrong with the submission? I’ve tried 6 times and can’t get one item to validate. All the items are showing completed with the ID. Each file has the yearly reports. It’s very frustrating not to know what is wrong so I don’t know if it’s on your end, like with the wrong year being in the file as was the problem earlier, or on my end.

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to upload the yearly report but I get this error message “Report was uploaded - confirmation id is bad”
I can’t upload the report because I’m a new user.

i am geting this error


Did you got any solution for this? I am having same issue please suggest if you have any solution. Stuck from weeks.

Hello All,

To fix this issue, reset System1 data then clear/remove queue items from Orchestrator then run Dispatcher workflow which will feed queue items and at last run Performer Workflow… Your issue will be resolved😃

Thank You,
Happy Automation! :smiley: