Level 3 Assignment 2 Dispatcher issues

hello everyone. I am stucked in the dispatcher for assignment 2, specifically in the Process workflow, my On Appear act is not woking, and also the page scrapes all the data, close the window and do this again and again and again. I want to know what is the correct way to set up the Process workflow, I will really appreciate your help with this

Hi gcruzonq,

I don’t think i’m the best for helping but i gonna do my best, can you share you workflow by any chance? Just for checking where is your mistake :slight_smile:


Can you share your process file, i would like to read your selector, i guess the problem come from here.


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Process.xaml (13.7 KB)

GetTransactionData.xaml (12.8 KB)
also my GetTransactionData if you need it

You can check this
GetTransactionData.xaml (16.9 KB)
Process.xaml (8.0 KB)

Little tweaks may be required


thank you very much mr.!!! I’ve been stucked since 2 days ago in this, and I need my certification before next Monday, so time is my enemy now. I am going to check this right away!!!


all the best! we are here to help you understand and learn :slight_smile:

Sry i’m on two thing at work, i took time, but i hope what Nadim shared can be usefull for you, making the extract in GetTransactionData is clearly smart, i hadn’t thought about that when i doing this excercice… :wink:
I tried your workflow and indeed that restart again and again and i really think it’s about an selector, i will try to check this when i’ve got time :slight_smile:


ok I test your code but unfortunately throw me an error: Add Queue Item: The given key was not present in the dictionary. :frowning:

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Ok, i have used queue name in the addqueueitem from config file
can you add your queue name in the parameter?

I fixed your own process, the seletor on a click page wasn’t great, cause you trying to click on page one, and you can’t cause you’re already on a page one , you’ve got few solution, used if activity, used Nadim system, and they exist a few more possibility, you had to find the one where you’re confortable with ^^. And added something for saying to your robot “ok buddy, you ending to read all pages, let’s go next” (by the way i advice you to used some log message everywhere with your variable for really understand where it’s failed and why).


please send me the files how you could fix this, mine is still not working, I tried Nadim’s solution but is not working, for some reason is not scraping

I already chage this and nothing happened, is not working yet :cry:

show me your config file and your orchestrator queue name screenshot.
Also your add queue item details

its not scraping?

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yeah that was the issue, the name I had was different in the config file, I did it, again thank you very much, I am so happy. Now I have to continue with the Performer.


All the best :slight_smile:

Sorry i was unable to be on internet, i’m happy everything works, did you finaly fix your selector? :slight_smile: