Assignment 2 Generate yearly report workflow

Dear friends,

My dispatcher workflow does not work. After login it closes the application because there is no data. I have a feeling that this is because of my incorrect workflow. Could you please correct me if I put the right process for dispatcher? For Init state I put: InitallSetings - KillAllprocesses-initAllApplications

Then for Get Transasction Data state I put GetTransactionData workflow:

Lastly in the Process state I put process workflow in “Try” column.

Is there something I miss? It seems that I cannot iterate the TransactionNumber to be able to scrape all data.
Thanks before!


try to hit Input arguments and set-up correctly attributes if there are any data passing between workflows. It happens, that if you changed one argument/variable, link brakes and you need to map variable-argument once again. Set-up also correct direction of value passing (in or out or in/out).

It is difficult to asses without seeing example…

Dear Ladiszan,

In the meantime I am able to iterate the workfile, but the data scraping still wont do.
Here I give you my main workflow, thank you for your time. Appreciate it.
Main.xaml (48.5 KB)

If your control going in the if Condition of PageNumberExists?

Hi @PrankurJoshi,

After some moderation work, I finally able to run the dispatcher. All ID of Type WI4 is now in the Orchestrator. However, here comes a new problem: my Performer does not work accordingly. It keeps giving information that the process is stopped as there is no data. I put the get queueitem activity under the Process state. Is this correct? can you guys inform which sequences I need to implement for the Performer? Please help, I am almost done with this torturing assignment :frowning:
PS: can´t provide you with any examples as I am on work now. Thank you for your help!!!

No problem you can do it later. It is hard to mention here because in this assignment Procees workflow has so many Workflows included

Dear Prankurjoshi,

Please help me, I tried numerous times to run the Performer, however there is only one data taken in Orchestrator and the script stop by giving information that there is no more transaction to process :frowning:

Can you please check my Performer what is wrong with this? Could you inform me what are your steps?
Which Variables do you activate and or pass?

Thank you very much!!
Main.xaml (48.7 KB)

Flow looks okay to me. However, I hope that you have reset the test data. Then run the Dispatcher and then the performer

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