Level 3 Assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher)

I completed dispatcher part but it’s not fetching any data and not going to 2nd page of work items. It enters into work items and immediately log out. In output it shows “Process finished due to no more transaction data.”
I guess my selector is not working.


Mention like below in selector.

 aaname = '"+in_TransactionNumber.Tostring+"'
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Thanks for your reply. If I put that it shows error.

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Could you please go to that exclamation mark and show me what error it is showing. So that i can check and tell you.

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Have you created Argument named as in_TransactionNumber or not ? Check it once. Make sure it should be Argument but not variable.

Icreated that in GetTransactionData.xaml file

This link may help you,


Thanks for your reply. But it’s not working

Hi @Hasna_Hoque_Mitu

Please find below screen shot check with selector for data scrape for all pages

here element exists output variable “NextPageExists”

Kommi Jeevan.


Thanks for your reply. After following your instruction it goes to 2nd page but it doesn’t go to 3rd page and another problem occurs.

It worked. Now It visits all the page and fetched all transaction data. But now there is another problem occurs. Can you plz check?
Here I’ve attached the latest one.

Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher.zip (506.0 KB)

ok I will check and let you know.

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in Get transaction data change the selector for Element Exists

and then try.

Get transaction data is working well. After fetching all the data , when it times to log out, the problem occurs.

System1_close.xaml file click activity remove parentid selector and check


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The problem is occurring here.

follow the screent shots Get Transaction Data & Process.

should I delete If condition?

yes delete.