Level 3 Assignment 2 - Cut-off file name when save

I am facing a problem in Level 3 Assignment 2. I am trying to save the .csv file in the “download report page”.

The flow is running fine, and when I debug I can see that the var ReportFilePath is filled out correct:

In the “save-as screen” i can see that the string is also pasted correct into the “File name:”

But when the file is saved the name becomes: “Report-FR453231-2”

I have tried to save a file manually by putting in the content of the variable and that works fine.

Any suggestion to what might be wrong?


Can you share what error you are facing?


When the file is saved the last part of the string is cut off… the file name is suppose to be: “Report-FR453231-2018-February”, but is cut off so the name becomes “Report-FR453231-2”

Hi @Rugholm

Try this and see whether it works…

Without using the entire file path in “file name” in file save window, try putting the file path on the top of the save window which shows the path with an [enter key] to navigate to the folder, then under file name, just give the name of the file that you want to save…

You can split the string with string functions… th at might work for you…

Let me know how it goes

I found out that the promblem only occur when I set the activity to “Simulate type”. But this is also what the work through suggests - does anyone know why I am experiencing this?


please change the folder properties,

inside properties check the show known file’s extension then it will come as per requirement.


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Hi megharajky,
Thanks for your reply.
I don’t have the option you are showing.
Could it be the “Read-only” tickmark?

That option is acessed from the folder ribbon on the top…

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Hi Lahiru.
Thanks that worked :slight_smile: