Academy Assignment 2 Issue (with the "save as" part of the assignment)

Hi .
I’m having an issue with the assignment no.2 at the part where you need to save the monthly report the the custom location. All goes well , the bot clicks the "save as " button , types the custom text (with the specific location ) , but after, when he clicks “save” he saves the file with the name “Report-TaxID-Year-1” not with “Report-TaxID-Year-January”. And then ofcourse the Read CSV activity crashes cause it doesn’t find the file.

Do you have any ideeas why this happens?
Thank you.


Can you please let me know what is the data type you have given while running for each of the Month array.

The variable “Months” is array of strings (String) . And in the for each “month” is a string.

I also had this issue but right now I forgot how I solved it.
Now I am trying to remember what I might have done to fix this.
Can you just check the type into activity you are using for typing in the file name is it having simulate type or sendwindows message is checked (see the properties section of type into activity)

It has Simulate Type . If i can be clear : the Type Into activity does it job . It types the correct string with “January” (for example) as the month but when it saves , it saves with “1” instead of “January”.

Can you try one thing.
Disable save.
Just when you are typing into put an enter there only.
Like : ReportFilePath+ “[k(enter)]”

Let me know if this works.


It doesn t work . it writes [k(enter)] at the end of the file and doesn t actually press “enter” …

Remove the Simulate Type from type into.
If you want to specify hot keys then do not select – Simulate Type

In the type into donot select the simulate type or sendwindows.
Also type into with an enter as : ReportFilePath+ “[k(enter)]”

I am sure this will be a sloution for your problem.
If so then mark as solution.


Yes , it worked . Thank you very much.

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Your welcome.
And thanks for helping me to findout solution.