Level 3 Assignment 2 - can't save the monthly reports to the specific path

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In the CreateYearlyReport workflow which has to generate a report based on the specific Tax ID, year and month (in attached zip: PERFORMER\ACME_System1\CreateYearlyReport.xaml),
I struggle to save the monthly file to a specific path (in Save As window).

In the below case, the tax id is RU567434, year 2019 and month March.
a. the report name should be: Report-RU567434-March.csv, BUT it’s always Report-RU567434-3.csv
b. and the path I want is PERFORMER\Download Monthly Reports\Report-RU567434-March.csv, BUT it stops to PERFORMER\Report-RU567434-3.csv

I attached also the zipped project.PERFORMER.zip (556.3 KB)


Can you please advise?

@Cardon_Cezar before saving the file please check file already exists in path. if exists, delete before you save the file.


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Hi @pathrudu,

The idea is the file name is wrong also in the example illustrated by my screenshot, and in a previous attempt.

If I delete it, the robot will save successfully a report with wrong name and at a wrong path.
I am looking for a solution to save the file with correct name and at the right address.

@lakshman, @supermanPunch, @Anthony_Humphries

Can someone please help?
I still download files with wrong name :frowning:

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@Cardon_Cezar What do you mean by wrong name? :sweat_smile: , I guess you’e executing the Workflow again, which makes Downloading the files again as well, and the previously downloaded files aren’t deleted and Hence you get this Pop Up. That should be the reason, if not please explain the Process and Steps and when exactly you’re getting this Pop up.

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I think your problem is the path file, I suggest do a log message of the complete file path before saving a monthly report and see the problem there and if the complete file path is right make sure to type the complete file path in the file name save box.

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Hi @supermanPunch

It’s the CreateReport workflow from L3 Assigment 2.

Once I arrive in ACME System1 > Report - Download Monthly Report:
a. Insert the Tax ID
b. Select the Year
c. Use a For Each to loop on each Month:

  • if there is data for that month, click on the download notification from footer and select Save As
  • a Save As pop-up window opens and there I have to type in the File Name field the path and file name; the csv file name must follow the naming convention “Report -”+TaxID+“-”+Month
    BUT it is saved with the default file name convention “Report -”+TaxID+“-”+month’s index (e.g. 3 for March)

For instance, the tax id is RU567434, year 2019 and month March.
The report name should be: Report-RU567434-March.csv, BUT it’s always Report-RU567434-3.csv

When you type into filepath + filename, try Simulate type ‘False’.

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@Cardon_Cezar Can you show us the full path that is being types in the FileName field using a Message Box. Also Show us What is the Expression you have used to in the Type Into.

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Hi @supermanPunch
Here is the type into:

and here are the variable and arguments:


the full path of in_ReportsDownloadPath is: "C:\Users\allam\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath\RE FRAMEWORK\ReFrameWork_WI4_CezarCardon\PERFORMER\Download Monthly Reports"
… which exist in my machine:

@Cardon_Cezar Use a Message Box after the Type Into Before the Click Save Button. So when you run the workflow, it will Halt the Execution After the value is Typed Into the field so that you can check the Full path properly in it, Copy the path to the Notepad and check, if it is proper, Do not continue the execution, Click on Save manually and check if you get the same error.


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