Level 3 - Assignment 1 - MaxTry - the workflow goes in infinite loop

I am running “Calculate Client Security Hash” assignment. Positive workflow runs as expected without any error. However, when I am testing MaxTry logic then the workflow goes in infinite loop. It would be great if someone can help me out.


Are you using orchestrator queues ?

If yes then set Max retry no. to Zero

No. I am not using Orchestrator queue.

Do I need to increment MaxTry count somewhere?


What you assigned to MaxRetry number and in which state you changed it ?

MaxRetryNumber = 2 in Config file.

I am not changing the value in any state. One more thing, I am not sure if it is correct or not but I have commented all activities in SetTransactionStatus.xaml as shown below.


Why you commented all things here. First uncomment that activities.

If you will set Max retry no. to 2 then it will retry transaction two times when any error occurs.

I am getting validation in below loop. As we are not using Queue should we delete the if loop?



Please find the attached workflow. I commented some activities and check once.

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (58.5 KB)

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you can comment out just that single activity, the Set Transaction Status step

comment it out in the other sequences where you see the same validation error

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Thanks LakshmanK. I am retesting workflow after making the changes suggested by you. It seems working. I will test run the workflow 2-3 times and provide you with updates.

Thanks alot.


Ok test it and let me know.

Hi @lakshman

I am still facing the same issue. After completing MaxTries the workflow continues to try and does not stop.