Level 3 Assignment 1. It takes same hash code for same thing again and again

I think the status is not changing from open to completed. But there is no error at ouyput.

  • TransactionNumber variable is already set to 1 as default.

  • out_TransactionItem=in_WorkItems(in_TransactionNumber-1) is the assign value

  • Create an “Assign activity” inside the state GetTransactionData put it below/after the Invoke GetTransactopnData workflow. - Adding this fixes the assign error but loops on the same application for each transaction number.

I am completely stuck here and cannot see what is going wrong.


Thanks a lot for your help. I just passed.

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@Hasna_Hoque_Mitu You’re very welcome. I’m glad to hear that!

@AceRenegade would it be possible to upload your workflow here so that I can see what’s wrong?

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Of course. Workflow attached.
ACME-Calculate-Client-Security-Hash.7z (2.9 MB)

@AceRenegade can you upload a normal zipped folder? I unfortunately don’t have winzip in my current workstation.

ACME-Calculate-Client-Security-Hash.zip (3.0 MB)

Solved - the invoke GetTransactionData workflow was importing the TransactionNumber with a default of 1. Changing to the TransactionNumber variable resolved this.