Issues while working on Client Security Hash

Hi All,

I am facing a weird and multiple issue while working on client security hash.

I have extracted all the work items and also generated the hash code but while updating the value I am getting an error.

What I have observed that in some cases the value is getting successfully updated for the first WIID but for rest it is failing.

Also in some cases none of the value is successfully getting updated. Below is my error snippet.

In the above case my Client Name ‘Floy Shed’ when ran for the first time threw above exception but when it re ran it updated the value successfully.

When the next item was to be updated below error was encountered for the WIID : 417005 and below are the client details.


I have attached both the xaml one which scraps the client details from the screen and other which updates the hash value.
Kindly assist as to where the issue is actually happening.


Update Work Items.xaml (11.8 KB) ExtractData.xaml (10.4 KB)

Make selector of type into to dynamic selector, and in the array before you loop check the length of the array…

Hi @Chetan1809,
Please check your selectors for Update Work Item. This should work:

Regarding second error, please remember that indexing is counted from “0” not from “1”. So in one of condition there should be “-1” included. Probably in GetTransactionData.xaml:

in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber - 1)

For the selector , I tried to manually give a value for idx and set it to ‘2’ , also I tried indicating on the screen even that did not help.
Regarding array if I am trying to run my extractdata.xaml as a stand alone to fetch the details it never throws an array out of ound exception

Can you post your selector here? So that I can help you on that?

Please find below screenshot for all the selectors being used. Let me know if it helps, else I can share the project. I have also shared the xaml which is used for updating the hash codeUpdate Work Items.xaml (11.8 KB)

I have fixed the error related to array out of bound exception, now the only issue remain is with the multiple acme window

Below is the selector which is used to extract data.

Below is the selector when we click on update button on the same page to update hash value.

Below is the selector that is used to add the hash code under add note section on the child window where I am seeing the issue

I’ve checked your workflow. In your penultimate activity try to make this selector:

Rest of selectors are good. Hope this will solve your problem.

Late comer to the party folks. But yes, the Click on the Update Item button does not work even when the selector validates and highlights the button during design.

Reason: The pop-up blocker on Chrome prevents the update dialog from coming up. I had to white list ACME in Chrome and then I had no issues getting this dialog from showing up.

That pop-up blocker logo in Chrome is small and ubiquitous and is easily missed!

Hope this helps!

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In Chrome, I wasn’t able to dismiss the OK confirmation pop-up - i had to send an enter hotkey to dismiss the box.

Following this step, I wasn’t able to “X” out of the Update dialog box. The flow kept failing with a Generic exception. I had to use the ALT + F4 combination to close out the box.

Wish these could be a bit easier.

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Please also remember (It’s written in the academy training as well). That Acme site was made to work with IE. Other web browsers can work too but strange behaviors can occur. Anyway I’m happy that you find out what caused the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pablito.
I work for an organization that limits use of Microsoft applications when and where there are alternatives.
Business users who work with Browser based apps running inside of Chrome will not be expected to understand such limitations.

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