Lesson 9-2 "Column Name" invalid

Hey Guys,

Currently I have a Filter Data Table Error, and I can’t find it why :frowning:.

Can you guys spot the error?

Sorry for the time waste!!

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Have you checked Add Headers option in Read Range activity or not ?

If not then check that option and then try once.

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There is some space after ID in Filter DataTable activity and delete that space and try it.

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Hi Lakshman,

I have tried both ways, but it seems the same problem occurs.


Whether you have checked, by giving the output columns also???..


What error are you getting here ?

Try with this select query.

       consolidatedDT = consolidatedDT.Select("ID > '50'").CopyToDataTable 

And then use Write Range activity and pass this consolidatedDT to write into Excel file.

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