Error in Filter Data Table

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Am facing the below error could someone please help me while filtering a particular value. I have unchecked add headers in read range activity but even if i select the add headers am getting the same error. Please help


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Can you share a screenshot to show how you’ve configured the filter datatable activity

Hi Athira, Below screenshot for your reference

Hi @Jagadesh2494

can you share the excel file?

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@Jagadesh2494 - pls try below

  • read excel with headers
  • use output datatable actviity and pass the datatable as input and assign to a string variable like strDtTxt.
  • use log message activity - log the strDtTxt (it will help you to findout the column names are available in datatable)
  • based on the log message columns → use filter datatable activity to filter the records…
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