Lesson 6 Practice 4 Selector Question

On the walkthrough, it shows to check boxes before TR and SPAN. I could not find the check boxes and could not add the aaname partial selector from TR to TD. Can somebody help with this? UiPath is running on Win10.



I haven’t find the check boxes either. To get the result I edited the selector as a string variable so that it matches the Answers.
I think that in the last updates of UiStudio the check boxes were disabled…


Thanks, Daniel. Generally I am looking for logic on which part of the selector should be included vs excluded in similar situations. Also how to stack codes together (what if we have another layer of tree) to make the selector work. I was looking to sign up for webinar but got errors when logging in.

I am having this problem as well and now, it’s June, and the download doesn’t find the selector either so I don’t have a good model.

Hi Bill,

The Q&A session held by UiPath is very helpful. It’s every Wednesday 8 to 10 EDT. You can sign up from the learning page.


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Thanks, I saw these but the information told me that it was at 3am mountain standard (phx) time. I tried getting into one of them, failed to make the connection and now it has me completely locked out of attempting to register for any of them through the learning site. I’m going to try from an email for this weeks.


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I had same issues. Email the support they will help you.

I also tried to follow the walkthrough, however I can’t replicate the codes. Maybe they will need to update their Lesson 6 Practice 4 Walkthrough.

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I couldn’t find the SPAN as well, but I managed to edit the “aaname” by doing the following steps:

  1. Follow the practice instructions to the point of checking/unchecking the right items on UiPath Explorer. (before you are required to edit the “aaname”)

  2. Copy all the Selector texts, return to the UiPath Studio screen.

  3. Select the “Get Text” activity, delete all text that are currently in the “Selector” field in the Properties panel. (Do not click the “…” button. Simply click the text box, press Ctrl+A, press delete.)

  4. Now with the Selector textbox empty, click the “…” button. It will show the “Expression Editor” instead of the “Selector Editor”.

  5. Paste the text from UiPath Explorer copied earlier, into the “Expression Editor” field.

  6. (IMPORTANT) Delete all “new line” character, such that all text are in a single continuous line. If you skip this step, you will encounter the “string constants must end with double quote” error. I’m not sure if this is a bug in the software.

  7. From here onwards, you may edit the text to follow the rest of the exercise, using “*” and variable “comm”.

Hope this helps.

For me the problem with this exercise was that if I had been using any other data set I still would not have a clue how to select the correct row and column based on a user input.

I can get the ‘code’ to work using the example code they provide but am very unclear how they decided which nodes in the tree should be selected and why

You would need to repeat the steps to capture selectors. I now always open UiPath Explorer and then Select Target Element twice. Then on the right side all the potential selector parts would appear.

General rule of thumb is to pick parts that are relatively less likely to change. For example. the row of the data can change if there are more roles or if there is a sort, so in the example it looks like rowname GC=F is likely to not change. GC=F is the symbol for gold. That can be made into a variable and become a dynamic portion of your selector.

Hope this helps.