Selector is difficult to find

I keep getting the error “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector.” I have tried using an anchor, but the element still cannot be found.

I used UI Explorer to examine the selector. Here it is:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Monthly Inventory: Monthly Inventory - Tableau Online’ />

<webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>input’ idx=‘3’ tag=‘INPUT’ /

Any ideas for how to find this element? I need to unclick a check box but can’t figure out how to get UIpath to locate the selector.

@jeff1169 may i know what you,re trying to do,if possible plz elaborate more

Can you please share more about the selector.
Please post a screenshot of the UiExplorer for this selector.

I need to uncheck a few of the boxes in the screenshot below. But, Uipath can’t find the corresponding elements for each check box.


@kunalhdoshi I just posted a couple screenshots.Thanks

Try to find more descriptive selectors. Uncheck the css-selector. See if it is working without it. Click around the other selector lines and try to find an attribute which has the name of the checkbox you are trying to click.

Thank you so much! I unchecked the css-selector, and it worked. To change which box I am unchecking I simply incremented the indx. I know that is not best practice, but it appears to be working. Thanks again.

If it is working can you please mark my answer as solution.


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