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I’m currently trying to fill forms from excel datas. I have an issue filling checkboxes, since my selector doesnt seems to be precise as you can see on screenshot below.

I’ve tried using offset on my click text activities but the last item being off the selector, i can’t seem to tick that item. Any ideas ?

I’m using UIPath 20.10.7641.24102 (i had to downgrade because of UIAutomation Activities) and yes my browser is on default zoom.

Thanks for reading me !

Hi @Robin_Tessier ,

I assume you would be storing checkbox value in some variable, let’s say varOption.

While creating a selector, make sure you include both checkbox text & its tickbox.

In UI Explorer, while manipulating selector, you can then pass
OR innertext={{varOption}}
OR whichever attribute has value equal to varOption.

Why are you using Click Text for this? Use the Check activity that is specifically for checking checkboxes.

Well my thought process was to select the div that contains all 4 options and then click whatever text i want in this selector.

The thing is i want my program to be as modular as possible because the form i wanna fill has 400+ questions. In my excel i have on the same row the question id and the value of the answer.
Everything is in a for each loop and every other case is working fine (filling text, select, date) but i still cant seem to find how i can manage the checkboxes with the same thought process :confused:


This is what the HTML looks like.
@Shraddha_Gore i’ve tried your solution but nothing happens

@postwick Well yes with my method even when i managed to make it work i had to scroll manually to the part of the page where my selector was so i guess it’s not intended behaviors (or maybe i used it wrong). I still cant make it work with check activity, i’m really confuse…

I’ve been using UIPath only for a few days now, maybe i’m missing something obvious…

first recommendation:
rework on selector within uipath and set it to the checkbox (tag=‘input’)
currently we do see that it is set to a div

Yes but the input doesnt contains the aaname i want to specify as a variable thats why i selected the div that contains both label and input (as @Shraddha_Gore suggested).

you can use the parent div within the selector hierarchy
this can be done within uiexplorer when reworking the selector

check acitivy excpects a check box - so it is an input element

Well my knowledge with UIExplorer is very limited, gotta watch more videos !

try for example following:
add to the existing selector following line and test it:
<webctrl tag='INPUT' />

sure training with some videos e.g. from academy is allways recommended

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Legend ! I knew i was really close haha, thank you !!

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