Help with Lesson 6 Practice 1

UPDATE: I realized that I was using the “Select Relative Element” vs. “Select Target Element”, and that seemed to solved the problem :slight_smile: I will update this post if I encounter other issues with the exercise.

I only saw one other post about this lesson, but it did not deal with the issue I am facing.

I am following the instructions exactly but am not able to get past the second step when adding the ‘Get Text’ activity. I completed the first step of indicating the random name on the screen and looking at the selector. After opening UiExplorer and indicating the ‘randomly generated name’ element on the web page, I am receiving the error 'The UiElement is no longer valid" (see screen shot). The path I took was:

  1. Open selector editor
  2. Click 'Open in UiExplorer"


To see if anything would change, I attempted to exit out of the selector editor and click the UiExplorer button at the top panel of UiPath Studio. However, after clicking the element again, nothing shows up for selectors (see other screen shot)

Any ideas on what I am missing?

My other issue is that the answer solution provided by UiPath for this exercise is incorrect. It is labeled as 'Full vs. Basic Selectors" but it contains a desktop and basic recording sequence that automates Notepad. Does anyone have a file with answers I could look at?


I’ve just done this exercise and was going to post some questions about it and saw your message which covers a lot of the things I was having issues with but finally got it working.

I also tried to download the, what should have been a model answer from the next stage but as you said the examples they show do not relate to this exercise.

Here is my solution.

Main.xaml (14.9 KB)

I have issues too with the UiExplorer saying the UiElement is no longer valid. I also think that if you go into the selector editor and click on the ‘Open in UiExplorer’ hyperlink at the bottom and then make a change to the selector text, it should then populate your selector details in the properties window. I haven’t been able to do that so what I do is just use the UiExplorer first by clicking on the arrow in the top left hand corner


to select the field e.g. First Name text box


then click on the ‘select relative element’


and then the First name label


This has then generated some selector code


We don’t need the title as this is going to be a partial selector as we have attached to the browser and we also don’t need the id field as this is going to be a dynamic selector based on the position of the relative element (First Name label).

That leaves


which I copy and paste into (in this case) the Type into activity ‘Selector’ field in the Target group (because I can’t work out how to get it to automatically fill the field from the UiExplorer window’


Additionally I still had an exclamation mark on my Type into activity but this was because I had not set the ‘Text’ field to the variable name

Anyway I think the xaml file i gave should work for you (it works for me).

Hope this helps.

Please if anyone from UiPath is reading this can you please put into the page following the practice a solution to the problem (like all the other practices have so far…)

Sorry just one more thing I think it would be very useful to have a video of the solutions as well because it is very easy to read the walk through and be clicking on the wrong thing although you are following the text as best you can maybe when you see the solution its easy but when you are learning with no-one sitting over your shoulder to steer you past the simple mistakes which can just as easily have you sitting there not knowing how to move forward. I don’t like to move to the next stage unless I’ve completed the previous one completely, luckily I’ve had some very helpful input to the questions that I’ve asked.

Good luck