Lesson 4: Sign an email with your unicorn name

Lesson 4: Sign an email with your unicorn name.
Is there supposed to be an instructional video that goes along with this practice lie there was with the first practice lesson “getting your unicorn name”? Below are the only instructions I see and I am not able to complete the practice with just these instructions.
Am I missing something?

  • Next, you will continue where you left off and learn how to send an email to an address of your choice, signing off with your newly discovered Unicorn Name!

    To achieve this you will need:

  • a Use Outlook account resource, added inside the Use Excel file, to indicate the email account;

  • a Send Outlook Email action in which details such as the recipient’s email address, Subject, the email message must be entered, as well as your Unicorn Name location!

  • Save** and Run your automation!

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There is not any video for that lesson.
To complete that lesson, you have to reuse your “Getting your unicorn name” project because you need to generate your unicorn name before sending it by email.

The described instructions cover the “sending it by email” part:

  1. To indicate which email account you want to use to send the email, you have to add the “Use Outlook account” resource. You have to place that resource inside the “Use Excel File” resource but after the “Use Application/Browser” resource that you used to generate your unicorn name, because you have to use the Excel file that contains your unicorn name.
  2. To send the email, you have to add the “Send Outlook Email” action inside the “Use Outlook Account” resource, because you need an email account to send the email. In that action, you can specify the recipient’s email address, etc. In the body part, you have to enter your unicorn name from the Excel file.

    To indicate your unicorn name location (i.e. the Excel file cell) you have to do as we did in the previous lessons. You have to click on the “+” button, select the Excel resource and then the location.
  3. Run your automation, the email should be sent or saved in your Drafts according to if you checked the “Save to Drafts” case in the “Send Outlook Email” action.

I hope it will help you,

Tiffany :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the tips!

Hi! Thank you for the tips. It appears I do not have the same info and I can replicate what you show earlier. I have use destop outlook app and use outlook 365. And Instead of having the possibility to put the Body I have the HTML

Your tip worked like a charm! Thanks a lot.

Yes, there is an instructional video that goes along with Lesson 4: Sign an email with your unicorn name. The video is embedded in the practice page, but it may be blocked by your browser or ad blocker. Try disabling your ad blocker or using a different browser to view the video.