Getting unicorn name to be the email signature

May I know what is the function I should use to copy the unicorn name to the email body? So far I am able to send email but the body is empty.

Please advice.


Assign the unicorn name as a variable beforehand.

In the body of the email do something like:
"Hello All, My Unicorn Name is " + unicornNameVariable

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the advice!
I couldn’t find the create variable activities in StudioX. How to add the create variable in the activities panel?

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Hi @jeremy.lim ,

Please follow below steps to add the unicorn name from the excel sheet to outlook email body.

  1. Drag activity ‘Use Desktop Outlook App’ in your studio workflow. (Kindly make sure Outlook app is installed on your system)
    1.1. In ‘Account’ field of ‘Use Desktop Outlook App’ - choose the outlook account to be used to send email

  2. Inside the scope of ‘Use Desktop Outlook App’ add ‘Send Email Activity’.

  3. In ‘Send Email Activity’ update required fields as below:
    3.1. Account - Select the outlook account to be used to send email
    3.2 To - Add receiver’s email address
    3.3 Subject - Subject of your email (Optional)
    3.4 Body - Select ‘Text’ Radio Button
    Click on (+) button of the textbox and indicate your excel sheet cell where you have saved unicorn name
    3.5 Save as Draft - Uncheck this option if you don’t want to save your mail as a draft.

Check this below quick video for reference:


I have the same question, how can you create a variable to assign some value to later use, I tried to use “Save for later” but it doesn’t have the clipboard option as source.

Use Read Cell Value - worked for me.

Hi Nidhi.
I got it to work. I had to reset all previous steps as it was not changing the date and it emailed me a place holder rather than the actual unicorn name. It works now. Thank, you.

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Also, I had HTML selected instead of Text in the subject body. It worked when I changed it to Text and selected the C2 cell.

I got it to work but its not pulling in my Unicorn spreadsheet. Instead I get this

It pulls in Project Notebook - its like its defaulting to it. Is there anyway to change it?

Hi @garnet.ashton ,

Can you please confirm if you are using ‘Send Email’ action inside ‘Use Excel File’ resource ?
and the path inside ‘Use Excel File’ should be of Excel file in which you have saved your unicorn name.

Refer below:


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