Trying to use Gmail - Send Email with Unicorn Name

Hi all! I am trying to enhance the Unicorn Name automation with the send email action, but I don’t use Outlook so I tried including Gmail as a resource but I get an error saying Connection Service unavailable. Does someone know why?



Well it’s future feature to say so :slight_smile: Anyway what you would want to do is open the properties of the GMail app card and then uncheck the "Use Integration Service "

Then you will be able to use the “Add new account” option

Hope this helps,

Btw what version of Studio / Mail package are you using ?

Thanks Drago! I managed to do that but then I get an error with the action Send email.
In the TO section I only have one option:{}Open in advance editor and when I go there it is asking me to write a VB expression and I don’t know the right syntaxis, it does not work with just the email addres. Any suggestions there?

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From what you are describing you are using UiPath Studio :slight_smile: and I think the Unicorn name tutorial was centered around UiPath StudioX. I’m saying this because in StudioX the options on the plus sign should look like this :

As opposed to Studio where they look like this:

You could still use Studio and open the advanced editor and just enter the email address as a string : “” , notice that you have to add the double quotes

but frankly I would not recommend this since you will for sure stumble into more syntax issues ( Studio as a product is more oriented towards the RPA developers )


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