Lesson 4 Practice 2 Web Recording- City Temperature exercise

Hey UiPath team, hope all is well, just wanted to let you guys know about the topic above. I followed the instructions step by step a couple of times and was not successful. I have having an issue with ‘Send Hoteky’ activity which was simply to hit the ‘Enter’ key. Every time I ran the program, the Google search bar would display: “weather in New York enter” now obviously enter was supposed to be the action not part of the text written in the search bar. Well, anyway I decided to gander over onto the properties panel. I saw under the Options section a field called Special Key, well I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try and check it, so I did. Saved and ran and what do you know it worked! I don’t know if this was a fluke or not but just in case anyone runs into something similar just wanted to share my work around. UiPath team, please look at this and make any necessary updates to your documentation.

Special key option is marked as checked ,the moment you choose key from the drop down(enter,F1…ctl,tab,down,etc)
This is the feature of sendHotKey.
IF you want use any other customized key (ctl+c,win+r…etc(a-z,1-9,@$…))then you need uncheck the special key option.
So easy way would be use TypeInto activity which allows you to enter text+control key(Just make sure you didn’t mark “simulateType” property (this option doesn’t support any hotkeys))

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Hi @ddpadil, thanks for the reply! Also, thanks for letting me know that Special Key should be checked automatically, I will keep this in mind, however in my case it wasn’t and that’s what got me playing with the properties panel to begin with.


I want to find out the temperature of different citites uptto a certain date.
I have designed a workflow but it can work upto only for limited no. of dates. Please check my workflow once or suggest some other methods to correct it.

Thanks and Regards.