Lesson 4 Practice 2 - Level 1 Foundation training

Hi all,
I am a newbie here and I am practicing Lesson 4 Practice 2 activity.
Now when I click on web recording and type in google search bar - weather in new york and press Enter now when the bot started to type weather in new - and then the google auto complete takes control and gives the drop down(out of the choices the first one is weather in new york) - Now the problem is my solution does not work.
I have tried everything - declaring the city variable and temperature variable but no result…always throwing error.
Can you please help?
I am really got stuck and facing lot of issues in this lesson 4 recording session(mostly with selectors).

@sujoy_mukherjee This is working fine with me. Can you share your xaml file?

2 questions for you.

  1. What browser are you using? I find it best to use Internet Explorer
  2. Do you mind sharing the error message or screenshot so we can exactly know the problem?