I need help in Lesson 4 Practice 2 Web Recording- City Temperature exercise

It worked good when i was typing new york
But if I tried any other city it crushed
and I have no idea what to do or how to fix it

Hi @dlichten,
Welcome to the UiPath forum!
Could you please share the screenshot and error message (if you are getting) ?


Attach Window ‘Weatherin Ieframe’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

this is the error that I get if im not writing new york.

Welcome to uipath community
Kindly check with the selector of that activity like if there is any dynamic value for any atttubute like aaname suppose if it has New York alone and next time if we search for another one the Attribute aaname now becomes dynamic right, it changes
So use * wild card symbol to replace those values that it will take any value assigned in it

For example replace like this fully or partially which is getting changed dynamically alone
aaname = ‘*’
aaname = ‘part of string*’

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @dlichten

thank u very much for help
But I’m not yet very comfortable with this software too fully understand what u said…

You were almost done
No worries
Kindly click on that activity and in the right side we will be able to see property panel
Where we can find a property called selector and click on that
Copy and share that selector here so that we find which attribute we can replace with wild cards

Cheers @dlichten

there is 2 spots
this is the first with the hotkey ENTER
webctrl name=‘q’ tag=‘INPUT’ / (there is a <> in the start and end)
and this is the second
webctrl id=‘wob_tm’ tag=‘SPAN’ / (there is a <> in the start and end)

Yes buddy
Can I have that selector if possible
Cheers @dlichten

and this is the selector for the input Enter hotkey

thank u very much
I managed to fix it

Cheers @dlichten

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