Lesson 4 Practice 1 Answer - Not Working, Reports Selector Error

When I try to run the downloaded answer script, I get a selector error. Please advise.

I haven’t changed the script in any way, just clicked on the xaml file.

@b4bbler,When you see your screenshot the images of recorded screen are missing.Try to record the screen of destop application and run it (or) Extract the zip file and check it contains screenshots folder and paste this project in your uipath directory then you can see the images

The .ZIP file contains only “Notepad Automation.xaml”, nothing else. But, unless I’m mistaken, the images aren’t needed. I presume that, even if there was an image file, the same selector error would still occur.

I’ve just got a different error twice:

Click ‘menu item Format’ : Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.

while trying to run the Notepad Automation Answer:

Are you executing the workflow in a remote desktop?The screenshot shows an error desktop has been disconnected @b4bbler


No, I am working on a single user HP Envy laptop with a second screen. I’m not on a corporate network environment or VPN. Everything else I’m using appears to be working correctly. The error has now reverted to the selector error.

The same xaml file (Notepad Automation) has started working again, without me (knowingly) changing anything or doing anything different…