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I have reached at the end of chapter 3 of the RPA Starter Training, and i got stuck into a problem.
When I try to run the program it gives me the error below, i have followed all the steps in the training and still receieve this error.
As a new member I am not able to attach files, so i can’t attach the .xaml file.


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Hi @daniel.albu90,
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Can you please show what do you want to catch with this activity? Seems that your selector is wrong.

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I’m trying to make it show one of the messages:

I have no validation warnings or errors but still gives me the error from the previous post.

Thank you

are you indicating on some application. ?

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it’s the training aplication!

check that selector or indicate that application again. do not close the application while running your bot if you are not initializing the app in your bot.
Maybe the application is closed so selector issue is coming

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let me know if it works

that soultion worked for me. I had to keep open the picture on witch the selection was made, in order to run the workflow.
But is there any solution to close the application (picture in this case) and still make the workflow run?


You can use the activity called " close all application" and at the starting of your bot use
"Open application "

Kinldy mark it as a solution for other people to refer.
Thank you.

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