Academy, Assignment 3.2 Generate Yearly Report Issues

So, I began this activity on my work laptop. Got both Dispatcher and Performer running. Went to set up Orchestrator and boom - no go. Firewall.

Next steps, email compressed workflows to home laptop. Install UiPath on laptop. Now the flows are not working. Getting all kinds of errors from timeouts, to object reference, to not being able to find selectors. I’ve fixed as much as I can, but some errors won’t fix.

Example…Element exists activity in process.xaml is a manually typed in selector and no matter how I try it - it won’t find the Acme window. I’ve added an attach window activity, tried other ways to write the selector, based on comments here - to no avail.

Has anyone had this happen before? Is it a setting issue? Why would a flow not work from computer to computer - or is it just because it’s a community issued version?

Here’s a screen shot…I’ve deleted, put in new activity, changed selector coding a million times…no idea what’s going on. If anyone has any ideas on what I could try - I’m open to them.

Which Browser you are using? and have you set up the extensions for the browser?

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Thanks for the response. I use internet explorer for this, 10. I ended up doing a recording, pulled the attach window from that and modified it. No idea why it was being weird, but done. It looks like a few of the issues were due to selectors. Lessons learned!

I see some issues with the selector that you have shown. there is a hyphen after tag which shouldnt be there.
also after the aaname=‘something’ I guess there needs to be a space before the word tag.
Good that your flow is working now. Look for this if you come across ever again.

I found your issue. If you look closely there is a ‘-’ before your =

Thank you! I’ve been copying/pasting into notepad to try to find those little errors…didn’t catch this one.

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Small Things :slight_smile:

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