Lesson 3 practice 1 assign activity


I’m redoing the academy training. On lesson 3 practice 1 off revamped edition, I extract the sheet. The sheet doesn’t have more than one column, it has only one with this header “First,Last,Club Member”.
When I do the assign activity using expression names.Select("[Club Member]= ‘Yes’ ") to clubMembers I got a conversion error.

The answers for this exercise only start after the nickname part.

Is it supposed to happen?

thank you all

This should be - names.Select(“[Club Member] = Yes”)



Okay, so perhaps there was some changes. Because in last version, columns with space between names, should have brackets around…that expression is used in the walkthrough of the exercise

It still says it’s not possible to convert system.data.datarow to string…

Can you send across your xaml, would like to have a look if its ok.
Check if your variables are correct type or not

Agreed :slight_smile: and yes its the same

Thank you nadim, I started from the beggining the exercise and re-assigned again the variable type. The variable type and conversion is no long a problem. But I still get a “cannot find column with that name” kinda message. And it makes sense, the collumn A1 has the following header “First,Last,Club Member” shouldnt this fields be individual columns?club%20members

Correct, But i think you are using CSV not exactly table data

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My bad. Just got it… I was using a read range and not a read csv action. I didn’t notice there was a difference…

Thank you nadim for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello team ,

Im also getting same error

@rssawant0076, what is the error you are receiving and if possible post your workflow.

No im using read CSV

Please reply

it should be clubMembers = names.Select(“[Club Member] =‘Yes’”)

Now getting this error

@rssawant0076 Can you please share the xaml file Or the Screenshot Variables Panel.

Show me the all Variables. Click on Variables in Down Bar