Practise excersise 1 lesson 3

Hi guys
I’m following the developer tutorials, in lesson 3 we’re supposed to select all the members that are club members and use that first three letters of their first- and lastname to create and print a nickname.
But when I run my sequence I get an exeption that column ‘Yes’ isn’t found, Club Member is the column, ‘Yes’ is supposed to be the value.
I use this Assign: clubMembers = names.Select("[Club Member]= ‘Yes’ ").
As you would have guest names is my DataTable and clubMembers is an array of DataRows.
Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

I was able to get rid of the exception, but the resultset is empty!?
It should have three rows…

Lol nevermind, must have bin a small typo I missed or something, cause I deleted the command and retypt it and now it works as expected…

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