The column name is "Club Member" do i have to declare the variable as same as the column name?

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,

1.check in the read range activity did you checked Add header property
2. If yes please check in the Club Member header ending with space.

Arivazhagan A

Yes it ends with space . i have posted the csv file

If end with space [Club Member ] like this you need to give or remove the space from the header and try again

The column C has come to Column d is this a problem? I can not make any change in the file and save in csv

No. Column header ending with space as you told earlier that is the problem

getting the same error

Can you share the excel file and xmal file

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,

I have seen that variable “names” content [First,Last,Club MemberJay,G… “Club Member” has not space at the end when you read your data.

The error is telling you that can not find "Club Member " (with space at the end) so for me is clear that you should use “Club Member” (without space at the end). Although, you previously post the select like this names.Select("[Club Member]='Yes'") and that gives you error too. Curious!

You can check the column name with names.Columns(2).ColumnName in a Message Box or Write Line

What if you use the column index instead of the name like this names.Select.Where(Function(x) x(2).Equals("Yes")) in this case “clubMembers” is an IEnumeble of DataRow

Have you tried using “Filter Data Table”?


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