Automate SAP in background

Hi! Based on UiPath Doc I read. They offer two background automation options, either using SendWindowMessage or SimulateClick/Type. Unfortunately, both did not work. It opens SAP application but was unable to click/type.

If I’ve done this activity using default method, it performed the operation without any problem.

Am I missing out something on the setting or what? I’m new to UiPath and this is my first project.

Hi @Cari ,

As per my knowledge and experience Simulate and send window messages option will not work for list box and combo box Ui elements. since these elements will work in foreground automation. thanks.

Wanted to understand is there any hard rule like you have to use background automation.

Don’t think I have any hard rule.
Currently i need to type but it doesn’t pick up the element correct. I supposed to type inside the client box.

But It doesn’t capture the textfield I want. Same goes for User textfield.

I have watched some video regarding SAP Auto but most of it were older version which I couldn’t follow.

Hi @Cari ,

Since the selection window from uipath is selecting the whole window of ui element. Could you confirm whether you already enabled gui scripting for your SAP.

And also while identify element try with other UiFramework by pressing F4 and see you are able to identify selectors for the mentioned field.

Hello! I thought I have enable before but I think I switch acc the setting gone. Anyway Thanks to you it works now.

Can i check with you something? I want to read range from an excel file. Do i need to keep the excel file open? Or can I still read range while the excel file was close?

Hi @Cari ,

Your welcome.

You can use workbook read range activity so without opening an excel file we can read the content and store into data table.

Could you pls mark my post as solution so that it would helpful for others. thanks.

Thank you!!

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