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Hi I saw the link below it says from v2018.2 activity has been depricated!! , does that mean it does not support workflow interactive, what has replaced that?

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Hi @Shankar1

The Launch Interactive Workflow activity was introduced to keep the session created by bots in the interactive mode when the Orchestrator was not available.

Because the task of this activity is now primarily done by Orchestrator, it has been deprecated as no longer needed.

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Hi @loginerror thank you very much for answering, understood. Just one more thing I want to know is does Uipath robot only works in background now? or whenever a robot is scheduled from Orchestrator it login to the robot machine and we see the bot in execution?

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Hi @Shankar1

If you schedule the process via Orchestrator on an unattended robot, it will be able to log-in to the user profile and work in the background (on a locked user session) :slight_smile:


That’s great it gives good privacy as no one can see the bots in execution.

Thank you for your quick reply.

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Hi @loginerror,

What if I have an attended bot and scheduled process via orchestrator?
Will the process still be able to login to user profile and work in background (on a locked user session)

Please help.

Hi @rinki

Attended robots do not have the ability to run in the background. Only unattended ones.

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Will the orchestrator be still able to , activate the locked windows machine by performing user profile login then execute the scheduled process in foreground

With Orchestrator unattended process, it can create a new session on the target machine even if all users are logged out. If the machine happens to have a user with a locked session who is logged in, it should take over that session.

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I am using unattended robot but still i am facing one issue.

Problem is that whenever i minimize or close the RDP session process is failing in orchestrator with below error.

"Timeout Reached.

UiPath.Core.Activities.ScopeActivity. OnFaulted".

If i am watching the RDP session then scripts are running fine without any error.

Could you please help me on this.


Hi @gaurav_shankar

Does this article help you a bit?