How to run the BOT in a non-interactive session on a windows Machine not Windows server

Please help me in resolving the below scenario.

We have provisioned the Uipath Robot in an user’s machine and connected that to the orchestrator using Attended Robot License, he is able to run the process from his system tray but he is complaining that he is unable to perform any other activity on his machine while the BOT is running because BOT is using the existing interactive session of the logged-in user. Is there anyway we can run the BOT as a Back office ROBOT (Unattended) in the non-interactive “session 0” on his machine so that the BOT runs as a Back Office Robot and will not interfere with his work.

Note:we have licenses for Attended, Unattended and Non-production robots.

What If the provisioned Uipath Robot in the user’s machine is connected to the orchestrator using Unattended Robot License and when run, will it run in non-interactive session 0 using FreeRdp to create a virtual Remote Desktop session that UiPath manages internally.?

@skini76 please go through this link