Last transaction of a queue is not passing exception reason into final report eventhough works fine for other transactions


I am having trouble in trying to get the last transaction to pass the value into the final report of end process from the main process in the framework.

50 transactions take place, each result are produced into the final report in an excel at the end of the process run. All transactions are recorded into the report except for the last transaction. This happens for every run where the last transaction takes place doesn’t pass through into the end process of the framework eventhough it is marked correctly on Orchestrator just not in the final report of the end process section where the datatable outputs all the transaction results except for the last one that is processed.

Any suggestions how to solve this issue would be great please

Hi @ciaramkm how are u transferring last queue item output to the final report can u share the screeenshot if possible to understand how u are transferring the output to the excel file

Hi basically, the last transaction throws an error which gives an exception reason on orchestrator no problem but then when it comes to the end process of the reframework where the datatable stores all the result of each transaction. In the end process the datatable is generated and then outputted into a datatable onto excel file then but the last transaction doesn’t show in the output table. Funny thing is that it works when it is running attended but doesn’t work when unattended.

Hi @ciaramkm may i know where u are adding data to report datatabele? in which state and in which sequence?

If an error occurs inside the main process it will add the exception reason into the throw activity and then at the end of the process when all transactions have been processed - in the end process part the datatable is filtered by the status so in this case “Failed” and it will use the results and output the failed datatable into an excel spreadsheet along with the exception reason from the throw activity inside the main process. However this works fine but doesn’t show the last transaction data.

This is the reframework flow where if there is a business exception from the process section it goes back into the get transaction data. I understand it may be the loop that’s not allowing the last transaction data to be recorded into the end process part then.

The failed datatable is generated into a report then at the end process section

Was having a closer look into the set transaction status - would the increment transaction index activity connected to the business exception be stopping the data from being passed into the end process then at the end of the run??

Does anyone have an idea how I can correct this issue please as still stuck on this :frowning: