Last transaction not being picked up in datatable for final report in the end process of framework when running unattended

The last transaction to pass data into the final report from the Main Process stage into the End Process stage of the reframework is not being logged into the report once the process completes while running unattended. However when this is running attended the last transaction data appears fine.

50 transactions take place, each result are produced into the final report at the end of the process run. All transactions are recorded into the report except for the last transaction. This happens for every run where the last transaction takes place doesn’t pass through into the end process stage of the framework eventhough it is marked correctly on Orchestrator queue status items but is not in the final report of the end process stage where the datatable outputs all the transaction results except for the last one that is processed.

Does anyone have any suggestions in how to get the last transaction data into the datatable of the end process framework?

hi @ciaramkm

can you share the conditional flow in get transaction status xaml file .


I have attached the get transaction data xaml fileGetTransactionData.xaml (10.2 KB)

hiii ,

your get transaction looks fine , take 5 items and run in debug mode.
put debug points at updating excel and check once.

That’s the thing it runs fine when it’s attended but when running unattended the last transaction is missing as does not show up in the report. This only occurs when in unattended mode

may be the last transaction was unvisible to robot so it may be continuing with out throwing any error

Is there a solution to ensure that the last transaction passes the result so that it’s not missing in the final report?

are you using queue concept???

The process would be picking up the results from the datatable

can you explain , little more detailed, high level view of the process

Basically it reads each file title in a folder then adds this into queue, process does each transaction by uploading file onto a site - this is repeated until all files in the directory have been uploaded. Once this is completed the process then produces a report outlining the status of each transaction processed in an email by getting the datatable in the end process part.