If there is no extractdatatable, continue other data

I’m doing a project with ReFrameWork, the table comes out according to the data entered in a loop in the gettransactiondata part and the loop continues accordingly. If there is no table data, I want it to continue from the other data, but the project ends directly. What should I do?

You can add “throw” activity to where you encounter an error. Then it continues with the next transaction.

Throw >> New BusinessRuleException(“There is no data to be processed.”)


Yes if you are using REFramework template and in GetTransactionData doesn’t have any new items then it will go the End state and process will be stopped.

For this you need to add any extra condition and pass proper data to TransactionItem and make sure it is not nothing to continue with the next steps.

I don’t know exactly where the Throw should be used. But when I tried, the process ended directly again.

Hi @cyc1 ,

When you say “other data” could you please let us know how exactly you have structured it?

Because when there are no more items in the Queue(I am assuming your ReFramework is Queue Based) the logical flow leads it to the End State.

To make the change that you want, we will need a little more info on what you have done so far.

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Ashwin A.K

Are you using Queue in your process?