Coded Automation


I’'d like to using coded automation in my projects e.g connecting with excel file by code. Is there any documentation for this?

Hi @Bartlomiej_Smolec

You can use the code to connect with excel file and work on it. You can invoke the vb code with Invoke code activity.

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Are you referring to coded workflow which is in preview


Are you referring to interact with Excel with code e.g Excel Interop

Hi @Bartlomiej_Smolec

You can try any of these-

  1. Custom Activities: You can create custom activities in UiPath using either VB.NET or C#. These activities can encapsulate custom functionality that you want to use within your workflows. You can find detailed information in the UiPath Activities Reference.

  2. Invoke Code Activity: You can also use the “Invoke Code” activity within UiPath to write custom code directly in your workflows. This activity allows you to write VB.NET or C# code snippets to perform specific tasks. It’s useful for scenarios where you need fine-grained control over the automation process. Documentation for the “Invoke Code” activity can be found in the UiPath official documentation.

  3. External Code Integration: If you have custom code or libraries written in other languages, you can integrate them with UiPath by using the “Invoke PowerShell” or “Start Process” activities to execute external scripts or programs.


This is not coded automation. Coded automation is a specific new feature of Studio/UiPath.

Here are the reference document and video tutorials

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Thanks for all replies. Can you give me some examples of how I can use, for example, a data service in my Workflow.cs ?

Have a view on this use case list