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Hi all,
Can we close the UiPath Studio using the Kill process activity…?

Hi @Prasanth_98

Yes of course you can. Please try it

This is the process name "UiPath.Studio"


Hi @Anil_G
not only the Studio, I want to stop the process as well


To kill the running process then you need to kill the executor

Here is the process name"UiPath.Executor"

This is to kill there are other activities to terminate separately

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You can also use the terminate activity to close the automation

So this is how the process works??

HI @Prasanth_98

If you are killing then you would get this pop up yes…then on killing studio the pop up also might get killed

If you want to do it smoothly then use a terminate workflow activity which will terminate the current running workflow and the executor will be stopped

You are getting this pop up because you killed the executor and that we will do only when the bot is stuck or so but not normally


Thankyou so much for the solution

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