Kill process not working Studio 2019.10.4

Hello experts!

My doubt is very simple.
Why the “Kill process” not work properly?

I need just close the Chrome browser in the final of my process.
Any sugestions???


You have to give only the process name without extension


Then it should work


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Hi @Ladimir_Abdala

Remove .exe in process name. It will work

Kaviyarasu N

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Thank you!!!
So fast :grinning:

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Thank you.
Have a nice day!

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HI @Ladimir_Abdala

You can also use the close application on Chrome browser which will close the browser properly

Killing the chrome leads to a popup of “Restore pages” which will cause error if you have anything to click on the top right corner

Like in most of the websites log out option is on top right corner

If you need to use kill process means you need to check the simulate click on the activities that are happening in the top right corner

Hope this helps!


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