Stopping a process by an activity

I want to stop a process in Studio by an activity. I don’t know which one should I use and how. Please if you can answer quickly :slight_smile:

Kill process can be used.

for stoping a windows process

  • kill process activity - (refer to later versions for more controls (e.g. only own processes to stop)
  • API calls (when we do need to do more specifics)

for stoping the UiPath Automation Process:

Yeah I tried terminate workflow but it displays an error message (I’m using it in Try/Catch). Do you know how to delete that message?

If you are using terminate workflow inside sub xaml then it will only terminate the particular xaml.

Terminate is supposed to display an error message.

If you want your automation to terminate without generating an error message, your logic/flow needs to do that.

ok thanks

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