Kill jobs in orchestrator

hi everyone i’m new to this form ; i’m very confused when I go to the orchestrator to click on kill jobs i don’t have that option

can someone help me, please

Aborting process execution is possible only when it is running. This state has already been stopped

@ouafae_nachit - Stop/Kill options available only when the job in pending/running states.

pls refer below for a complete job states…

thank you sir for the quick answer but the same problem happened with the running job

I’m sorry for the delay. You are uipath robot to process seems to be executed.
If you want to stop a Job in an orchestra, you can only run it in a Job Tab.

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Hi. I think you seem to have runned the process in the UiPath assistant, not the orchestrator.
When run in assistant, resource is ‘Manual’, and when run in orchestrator, resource is ‘Agent’.
Only processes running in the orchestrator can be stopped or killed in the orchestrator.

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