Unable to sight send hotkey on my UIpath activity pane

Hi everyone,
Please i have challenge locating send hotkey activities. I have updated all packages, uninstall and reinstall UIpath but still cannot locate the send hotkey activities. I am wondering if this has been replaced by other activities. If not, please how do I resolve this issue.

I would appreciate anyone’s guide on how to resolve this

Hi @Umar_Gbadamosi_NG ,

Could you pls enable the show classic filter in the activities filter panel then you will be able to see the send hot key activity. the latest version of studio comes with modern design experience so it is not having the send hot key activity by default. please refer the below screenshot for your reference. thanks

Hi @Umar_Gbadamosi_NG

You need to disable the “Modern Design” in the project setting
Refer the screen shot

You can find in the “Uipath.UiAutomation.Activity” in manage packages. Install the package

In Activity panel you can find the “SendHotkey Activity”


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1.

Thanks alot. This is really helpful

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Your most welcome @Umar_Gbadamosi_NG

Hi @Umar_Gbadamosi_NG ,

if you don’t mind could you pls mark my post as solution so that it would very helpful others facing the similar issue. thanks.


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