Keyboard shortcut not work background execution

We are running the robot in Amazon Workspace and we are trying to execute the keyboard shortcut in the background, but it doesn’t work, We set the Input method for the browser in Windows message. Do you know how to make it works?


If you are doing web automation, did you consider using webdriver?

This works fine in background for me.

Thanks for your answer.
Do you know if it works with StudioX. I installed the webdriver but i didn’t find where to configure the browser activities in uipath


Hi Moenk, I am having the same problem. Using StudioX won’t allow me to run certain activities such as hotkeys for Chrome or typing login credentials unless I am connected to the AWS workspace. Even though the workspace is ‘Always On’. I was googling ways of activating the web-driver for StudioX, but couldn’t find much. Do you have any insight on this? Thanks in advance! Best, Albert

Hi Moenk

WebDriver is the solution to our web automation. Thanks for you answer it help us a lot


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