Use Application/Browser Action doesn't work

Hi all.

If I use the “Use Application/Browser” action and click on “Indicate application to automate (I)”, the UIPath Studio screen minimizes for a moment, displaying the desktop area for selection. But it immediately maximizes the UIPath Studio without letting me select anything. It never gets to the point where anything is surrounded by a green box or ever allows anything to be selected.

I have tested this on another computer (my personal PC) and it works fine, but my work machine doesn’t. Any thoughts on what could be causing this or why this is happening? Thanks.

Hi @Kevin_McGrath

press f2 key it will pause the selection area for 5 secs then you go the browser where you want to automate


Try a few things:
Restart the work PC
Make sure the keys are not accidentally pressed on the keyboard.
just like Robinnavinraj_S mentioned press the F2 key to pause the UiPath Selector which will allow you to open the browser window.
You can press F2 again till you get to the windows you want to select.

Hope this helps~~

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, the screen pops back to UIPath Studio so fast, I’m not able to hit F2 fast enough to “pause” it. I suspect that Studio never gets around to completing the initial set up for app selection. It’s as though it gets to a certain part of the process and fails, switching automatically back to Studio.

I’ve noticed that when this fails, I get the “Identify an application you’d like to automate. If the target is a browser…” popup window in the upper left-hand corner of my screen when I minimize Studio and it never goes away, except with a computer reboot.

I tried to set up UIPath on another work machine and it has the same issue as my other work machine. So, I’m thinking this is an account/configuration issue. Both machines it doesn’t work on use SentinelOne (no authority). SentinelOne isn’t showing any violations but I’m wondering if it’s blocking the action up front, and just preventing UIPath from doing that application select.

Has anyone else had something similar?

Hi Kevin,

I was facing the same issue one of my friend Soma helped me to resolve this so sharing it with you so that it may help. This issue was because of two different versions of Robot/Orchestrator and Studio. If you downgrade your studio to the Robot/Orchestrator version then you will be able to work without any difficulties.

Finally got this figured out. The issue was the installation of Java on the computer which was apparently messing things up. Once the Java install was removed, it was able to work correctly.

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