RE: Send input to background process

Hello sir I am facing issue while using send hot key in back ground

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Hi @Aditya10989

I made your question public so that our entire community can help you out.

Having said that, I would suggest this exhaustive documentation piece about different input methods here:

It goes in detail over possible options.

Feel free to share any specific details to your issue in case it looks like a bug to you, of course :slight_smile:

Yes But I create many post Some provide me solution but no one work for me.So I am approaching you.I am getting issue type into with enable send window message not working in background

Could you provide some context about the application you are trying to automate as well as about your process?
Also, knowing your Studio version and your UIAutomation package version would help :slight_smile:

Typically, when things do not work as expected, it is good to create a brand new project and try to see if the expected scenario works for simply cases → I would try the Type Into with SendWIndowsMessage option active on a minimized fresh Notepad file

I working on VMware(remote) its working fine but when I minimised VMware then in this case not work.Send window message

Please see this article :slight_smile:

thanks for reply actually my complete application execute fine and I have to process 1500 takes 16-18 hr to execute.Only my application stuck after insert amount in textbox then click in tab key.if I commented this tab key then complete execution without registry.Only the issue is tab key.
if you think for tab key I need to add registry then I will do.

Actually I faced this issue not only remote system also when we deploy orchestrator.In Console session is activated