Special Key [k(enter)] No Longer Working

Hi. I have not used my automation for a while, and when I ran it today, I noticed that a Type Into activity containing a command to send an enter special key is no longer working. When I manually type into the field, and click enter, it works fine, but UIPath can no longer make it work on it’s own. What I see happening is that it is typing the correct value, but then never executing the Enter command, before moving onto the next activity.

I have tried changing the Input Method to Hardware Events, Chromium API, Simulate and Same as App/Browser, with no success.

I have also tried adding a 1 second and 3 second delay after.

Studio: 2022.4.4
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 21H2
Browser: Chrome 104.0.5112.102
Extension: UIPAth Web Automation 22.10

@jon4378 please try with set text activity. It will work

@jon4378 In simulate key, you can not use special key