Dictionary key

I am doing my assignment 1 in level 3 advanced training. I almost finished and tried to run the project… but it throws this error…what to do?

It means that the Dictionary you are referencing doesn’t have the key that you were looking for. Dictionaries are made up of Key-Value pairs, you use the Key to look up an item’s value.

If you’re doing something like myDict(“name”) then myDict would have to have a key “name” already in it. Check spelling or make sure that the item is already in the dictionary before you reference it.

Hi @soorya_prasad

Just like @DanielMitchell mentioned, the reason for the error is it is not getting a key which you have specified to be in the dictionary. So as you know, the dictionary (Config) gets the value from the Config excel file. The value which you get for the Key is what you have under the name column in the config. Whatever the name you are specifying should be exactly the same to what you have specified in the excel file…Check it out and try again


Hi @soorya_prasad,

Please check your Config file whether the key is available with the value or not.
If it is not Please do make key available with the value in config file.


I don’t understand. I am a beginner. I can’t get it clearly

Calculate_Client_Security_Hash.zip.zip (501.7 KB)
this is my workflow. plz help me with this


Right off the bat, UiPath threw an error:

When working with the REFramework, it is important to leave system workflows in their default folder.

Hopefully this helps