Keep saying column data doesnt belong to column table

i need to do something like this and i tried ur method but im stuck

Then you need to use For Each Excel Sheet, or if you’re on an older version of the Excel package, use Get Sheets and loop through them.

thankyou! but i still use read cell also right ?

Yes, within the Sheet loop you use Read Cell activities to get each value and then Add Data Row to add it to a datatable.

for the add data row , i use array rows and key in the info that is inside right so for example {Name,Email,Postalcode} is it something like this? cause the youtube videos i watched shows this

Yes, exactly. Each Read Cell should have its own variable, and then you do the Add Data Row exactly as you described with those variables.

Just make sure you set up the datatable with Build Datatable before the loop, to define the columns.

okay thankyou so much!

for now is this correct?

Hard to see, but if dtinput is a datatable that’s not correct.

I did this with the Excel 2.9.5 because I’m not too familiar with the new stuff.

Build Data Table:


Get Workbook Sheets:


For Each:


First Read Cell:


Second Read Cell:


After this runs you’ll have a datatable with a row for each sheet.

hi thankyou for ur time! its jst that i have problems here , i used the read range activity to copy the info from column “qty” but it only copies the info from cell ‘e14’ , i have tried using read cell and column but it doesnt work for some reason

Where are you getting E13:E26?

Anyway, use Read Cell. You’ll have one Read Cell for each value (ie Order number, Name, Email, etc)

Read Cell “B1” will get you “Carousell-00191” according to the screenshot you posted earlier.

i have to copy info from here (my “E13:E25”)

That will give you a datatable with a row for each quantity value. You’re probably only looking at the first row in the datatable, that’s why you think it only got the first value.

Hi @youzi_ba ,

Similar Kind of Exception is being shown in this post below :

Can you maybe do the same changes as suggested and Check if it works ?

qty is not just one value. It’s a datatable. If you want to put the TOTAL qty into the Add Data Row, you’ll have to first calculate the total and place that into a variable.

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