Keep saying column data doesnt belong to column table

using read range and get row item to read data from excel sheet onto web form but it cannot even read the data from the excel sheet. not sure where i went wrong

Does your spreadsheet have headers? Did you check the box in Read Range that tells it there are headers? During debug, what are the column names in the datatable?

That activity is pointless.

Just reference CurrentRow(“Ordernumber”).ToString

the pics under my topic shows the column name in the datatable and excel sheet. it cant even read the first column. and yes i did check the box in read range that tells it there are headers

can you screenshot the excel and your “read range” activity?


at least then we do see Ordernumber vs Order number: along with some other doubts

i tried that previously but it doesnt work

e.g. that the column names are vertical.

You can clear it e.g. when debugging and get pauased by a breakpoint. Use the immdediate panel and type in: YourDataTableVar.Columns So you can inspect all column names from the datatable generated by the read range

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That screenshot of the Excel file doesn’t show a header. Headers are the first row and go horizontally. It looks like you have a side-by-side format in your spreadsheet.

oh so that means the ‘get row item’ activity wont work on this at all because its side by side

Correct. Can you get this data in a better format - rows and columns? Always look at improving things rather than trying to code around process deficiencies.

oh because its a practice given by school so im supposed to work that set of data. where i have multiple excel sheet similar to my screenshots and im supposed to move that data on a google form


we would assume that you have used another variable name, which we dont know. Therefore you have to adopt accordingly

If you have multiple spreadsheets and each one has the data in the same position then use Read Cell to get each field, and then Add Data Row to add to a datatable (that’s already been set up using Build Datatable). You can, of course, For Each through the files in the folder and read each one, one by one, using Read Cell and the Add Data Row.

At the end you’ll have all the spreadsheets in column/row format in the datatable.

okay thankyou , will try this

then what do i put for the sheet name part for ‘read cell’ activity
do i just put the name of the first sheet or leave it as “”

Do you have multiple FILES or multiple SHEETS within ONE FILE?

multiple sheets within one file