Get Row Item Datetime Error


Getting this Error Not Sure Why The column which I am retrieving the data from is a date column.

How do I solve this ?

Try this

DateTime.ParseExact(pdate,“yyyy-MM-dd” (date format in excel),System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)(date format in which you need the output to be)


This error means that you got a format error while assigning the value you received. It will be fixed when you convert it in the correct format.

You can get more detailed support about date format by following the link.


:ambulance: :sos: [FirstAid] Datatable: Debug & Analysis invalid DateTime Strings / String to DateTime Parsing Issues - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

Maybe you are trying to Assign a DateTime value to a String variable. That is the Output variable of the Get Row Item Activity.

Try by changing the Output variable type of the Get Row Item Activity to UiPath.Core.GenericValue

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